How will Qatar host the 2022 World Cup in the summer?
How will the Middle East nation manage a football tournament in the blazing sunshine?

Jack Beresford:

Qatar football association officials have revealed that they intend the host the 2022 World Cup in the blazing heat of summer but utilising solar-powered cooling technology within match day stadiums.

That is according to the communications and marketing director Nasser Al-Khater who explained that there is already a cooled stadium installed in the region, but the next step in the plan is to make this venue and others like it solar powered.

Al-Khater said: “With solar, the big challenge is how do you deal with solar technology in the desert in terms of withstanding the elements and getting it clean so it is efficient.

“We showed (world governing body) FIFA how the cooling technology works, it was warm outside but in stadium was cold they wanted their jackets. So cooling a stadium is not the issue.”

A number of German companies have put forward proposals for a solar-power based cooling system.

He said he had met several German companies during his trip to Berlin that had interesting proposals. Germany has been a pioneer in solar technology.

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