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Yes, Andre Villas Boas younger brother Joao is a notable actor in Portugal.

Born in Porto in October, 1982, João Luís de Pina Cabral Villas-Boas, to give him his full name, has appeared on stage and television. According to his official IMDb listing, he has popped up in a string of shorts and tv films including the 2010 film Beauty and the Paparazzo.

Since 2010 he has been appearing as the character Criado in the lavish, costume series Misterios de Lisboa or Mysteries of Lisbon. The glossy period drama apparently follows its main characters as they travel “across Portugal, France, Italy and Brazil where they connect with a variety of mysterious individuals”. Sounds eerily like the future that awaits his footballing brother.

Here’s a rather moody clip of him reading a poem.

Kevin de Ávila

The non-Portuguese press make it sound like he is a famous actor in Portugal, but is actually an unknown actor to the average Portuguese, believe it or not; he is not your typical Portuguese actor that appears a lot on Portuguese telly and films and so forth; he mostly appears on Portuguese theatre than on Portuguese telly and films, hence why the average Portuguese do not know who he is; his name has been popping up more outside Portugal than over here in Portugal ever since his older brother joined Chelsea. Mind you, he had actually received notably attention over here in Portugal for being the older brother of André Villas-Boas, but the notably attention quickly faded away after the Portuguese press began noticing his order brother’s tremendous success not too long before both the UEFA Europa League round-robin and the first-half of the SuperLiga season ended. If his older brother ends up having a tremendous success over at Chelsea, then it could probably help João Villas-Boas receive more fame and appear on Hollywood and foreign films. If this ends up being the case, then the Portuguese press will stop ignoring him and act like as if they had never ignored him in the beginning.

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