Former Manchester City and current AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli is reportedly paying to have a statue of himself made. 

Jack Beresford

Local Milan artist Livio Scarpella has reportedly been commissioned by Mario Balotelli to sculpt a statue in honour of the AC Milan and ex-Manchester City star.
As  Ms Scarpella explained in an interview with the Il Gionale di Brescia the striker is eager to “immortalise” himself.
“I have received the commission, but I’ve never met Balotelli so I am working from photos,” she said.
“I presented several drawings but Mario wanted to be immortalised in a pose that shows him having scored a goal, highlighting his muscles and with an expression of defiance.
“I have imagined him as an athlete from ancient times and the statue will be a mix of classical and pop style in platinum and coloured bronze with the eyes made of stones.”
Many expect the statue to depict the pose taken by Balotelli following his second goal for Italy in the semi-final of Euro 2012.
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