Is Jurgen Klinsmann the right choice for the U.S Mens National Team coach?

Kevin de Ávila:

Yes I do, because he has always had an enthusiasm to coach the American team which, to me, makes him be the right man for the job. It shows that his enthusiasm can help the American team be a strong team. Hopefully, with him being coach of the American team may pressure the U.S. Soccer Federation to have the American team to play more matches against tougher opponents.

I think he should have been appointed as coach after Bruce Arena’s contract was not renewed; this was at the same time when both coaches’ contracts were not renewed after the 2006 World Cup. This would have been perfect timing for Jürgen Klinsmann to be coach of the American team.

Now what remains to be seeing from Jürgen Klinsmann as coach of the American team is how well he will do as coach? If he can guide them to reach the World Cup semi-finals for the first time since the 1930 World Cup? If he can help them reach the final for the first time in their history?

Those will be three very difficult tasks for him, nonetheless, especially helping them reach the World Cup final, but has a lot enthusiasm to coach the American team.

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