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Champions League

Teams who qualify for the Champions League receive a minimum amount of €7.2m.

Each clubs taking part in the group stage receive’s a participation bonus of €3.9m, plus a match bonus of €550,000 per group game played. On top of that, the following performance bonuses are paid: €800,000 for every win and €400,000 for every draw in the group stage.

There are additional payments made to teams that progress in the competition with €3m the reward for advancing to the round of 16, €3.3m for reaching the quarter-finals and €4.2m for a semi-final place. The winners collect a further €9m, with €5.6m going to the runners-up.

In addition, participating clubs are entitled to a share of the market pool based on the commercial value of their domestic television market, the number of UEFA Champions League matches played and their final position in the domestic league table last term.

Also each team in the play-offs receive €2.1m.

Europa League

Each team that qualifies for the Europa Leagues collects a €640,000 participation bonus and also a match bonus of €60,000 for each match that is played in the group stage. That makes the minimum amount earned for Europa League qualification €1m, but ever team receive €140,000 per win and €70,000 per draw in their group games onto of the first €1m.

If a team wins all their group matches, they earn a total of €1.84m, just from the group stage of the competition.

A team then receives €200,000 for reaching the round of 32, €300,000 for the round of 16, €400,000 for the quarter-finals and €700,000 for the semi-finals.

The prize money for the clubs that go all the way to the final will be €3m for the eventual winner and €2m for the runner-up.


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