What did the head of the Bundesliga say about Qatar 2022?
What thoughts did he have about the upcoming tournament?

Daniel Poer:

Christian Seifert of the Bundesliga has criticised plans for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar describing himself as ‘very upset’ about the move.

“If you make a decision which is so far away from a sporting perspective, if it is so politically driven, it is wrong. Maybe Fifa should change the claim [on its logo]: this is not ‘For the good of the game,’” he said.

“I am convinced it is hard, if not impossible, to play a World Cup in the summer in Qatar. In Germany it was a special atmosphere, but I doubt that could work in 48 degree heat. Summer in Qatar is not the right time.

“The priority is the health of the players, and a decision was made here which ignores the health of the players.

“I am not sure if legally it can be played in the winter; the lawyers will decide in the end if it has to go to a re-vote.

“Talking to other leagues, I have the feeling they are very upset the decision was taken, that a four-week tournament will affect three years of leagues. This shows me Fifa as a body deciding what is good for the game, ignoring the day-to-day business of leagues.”

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