How much money is Neymar earning a month at Santos?
How much is he being paid to keep him in Brazil despite the offers from Europe?

James Murphy:
Neymar is reckoned to be earning in the region of £550,000 (that’s around 650,000 Euros) a month under a new contract at Santos.

According to an insightful interview with Neymar and his manager at Santos, Muricy Ramalho, by Sam Green in the Independent newspaper, the deal is an extremely creative one, and is testament to the importance Santos and the Brazilian game as a whole, has placed on keeping their shining new star at home in the run up to the 2014 World Cup.
With Chelsea, Real Madrid and several other European clubs hovering, Santos could only realistically offer Neymar around £90,000 a week to stay at the club that Pele made famous back in the 1960s.
But a collection of seven Brazilian businesses, including, ironically, the Spanish bank Santander, who have a large presence in the country, agreed to top that figure up in order to keep Neymar on home soil.
Santander even took out a double page advert in a Brazilian newspaper to proclaim how proud it was to have helped preserve Neymar for the nation.
As part of the deal, Neymar’s ‘release clause’ has also been increased to an astronomical £59.2 million, or 70 million Euros.
It’s little wonder that Neymar told Green that he was happy to stay in Brazil until 2014.  “I have no regrets,” he said of turning down Chelsea and Real Madrid. “It is still a dream of mine to play in Europe, but I don’t know when. If I leave I want the moment to be right. But I will stay with Santos until 2014, it is definite,” he added.
If his stock keeps rising at the pace it has been, however, that determination may still be severely tested next Summer.
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