A strike by construction workers at the Maracana stadium is the latest problem to hit the Brazilian preparations for 2014. Is it just a routine blip, or are there real concerns about Brazil’s ability to stage the event?  

Roy Skillen:

I don’t think so. We seem to go through this every time a World Cup comes along and every time the hosting country is more than ready to meet the demands. Iam more worried about who is going to take ove England next year and whether Rooney can keep scoring goals and forgo his urge to seek the company from the more mature ladies of the night.

Kevin de Ávila:

I also think the same as Roy Skillen when it comes to FIFA going this phase before the World Cup kicks off. Come on FIFA, this is Brazil! Get your act together! There is a very good chance that Brazil hosting the world Cup may go down as the best host country in the history of the World Cup and Brazil may even set a record of a high attendance that could end up being very, very hard to beat! After all, this is Brazil! This will probably influence other football nations to host a better World Cup. Oh please, good luck those other nations on that one! What FIFA should be more worried about is to have meetings to discuss more on whether or not to have goal-line technology, video referee, et cœtera et cœtera.

Anyways, I am more worried if Portugal will or will not have a good goalkeeper and better defending and if they will or will not meet Brazil at the World Cup final. The Portuguese speaking world are hoping for the two teams to meet at the final. They can hope all they want as I find that there is a 1 percent chance of that happening and I do think that I am not the only one thinking this, but anything is possible.

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