Was Cristiano Ronaldo’s back heel goal the longest length goal scored by a back heel?
Or has another player scored a back heel goal from a further distance?

Daniel Poer:
It is difficult to decide whether Christiano Ronaldo’s goal was the longest length goal scored with a backheel, with three potential candidates for a longer length goal.
The first of this and arguably the strongest contender is the backheel scored by Sergei Atelkin of Shakhtar Donestk.
The next potential candidate for the longest backheeled goal was scored by Paris Saint Germain striker Charles-Edouard Coridon
The third candidate is none other than Zlatan Ibrahomovic, who scored a memorable backheel for Inter Milan
These are the most adequate comparison to Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal for Real Madrid.
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Did Cristiano Ronaldo equal the La Liga scoring record of 40 goals that he set last season?

Kevin de Ávila:

Yes, he did!

Cristiano Ronaldo has currently scored 40 goals in 32 La Liga fixtures and is just 1 goal away to breaking his very own current record of 40 goals, which the 40 goals he scored was a new La Liga scoring record that he set after breaking the 38 goal scoring record that was set by the late Zarra nearly 50 years earlier before Hugo Sánchez drew Zarra’s 38 goal scoring record nearly 39 years after Zarra’s goal scoring record.

However, Lionel Messi – who many consider him and Cristiano Ronaldo arch-rivals, in which I fully disagree that the two are arch-rivals – is just 1 goal behind Cristiano Ronaldo in La Liga scoring leader board; he could break Cristiano Ronaldo’s 40 goal scoring record, but that all depends if Cristiano Ronaldo does or does not score any goals and also if Lionel Messi scores or not, in which the latter is highly likely to score a goal, or a brace, or a hat-trick, or even more, against Levante than the former is against Sporting Gijón.

This, to me, is incredible to see these two great footballers going head to head in La Liga scoring leader board, which this has been the case ever since Cristiano Ronaldo began playing in La Liga in the 2009 to 2010 season after being transferred to Real Madrid from Manchester United.

Before – more like way, way before – Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi went head to head in La Liga scoring leader board, Zarra was the very first footballer to set the 38 goal scoring record all the way back in the 1950 to 1951 season when he was playing for Athletic Bilbao. The incredible thing about Zarra setting the then new scoring record was when La Liga went under the 30 fixture format, unlike today where it goes under the 38 fixture format, which no player, not even Hugo Sánchez, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi, has so far been unable to score 38 goals in 30 fixtures. Mind you, we, or maybe the generations after us, will see in the future if there will ever be a footballer that will or not be able to score 38 goals in 30 fixtures or even before 30 fixtures.

Hugo Sánchez became the very first footballer to equalling Zarra’s 38 goal scoring record back in the 1989 to 1990 La Liga season when he was playing for Barcelona, but scored those 38 goals in 38 La Liga fixtures rather than 30, and became the very first player to drawing Zarra’s 38 goal scoring record before Cristiano Ronaldo broke both the latter’s and former’s 38 goal scoring record in the 2010 to 2011 season.

Kevin de Ávila:

Well, this is interesting.

Cristiano Ronaldo broke his own La Liga scoring record of 40 goals that he set in the previous season after scoring his 41st goal this season against Sporting Gijón, but what I find interesting about it is that Lionel Messi is now equalled with Cristiano Ronaldo in goals after scoring a brace against Levante in just a matter of 2½ hours after Cristiano Ronaldo had broken his own La Liga scoring record.

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CR7 reportedly clashed with Bilbao’s Javi Martinez – what happened?

Daniel Poer:

Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo did insult Javi Martinez following Real Madrid’s 3-0 win over Athletic Bilbao which secured the La Liga title.

According to reports, Javi Martinez and Ronaldo had been in a long running spat during the game, with the Spaniard eventually red carded.
At the final whistle, Cristiano Ronaldo approached Martinez, hurling a stream of obscenities at the player before swearing at him.

Martinez is reported to have responded: “Don’t celebrate too much, I’m a World Cup champion and you’re not, clown.”
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Did Cristiano Ronaldo refuse to swap shirts with anyone from the Israel nation team?
Did CR7 snub the Israeli national team?

Alex Blower:
Video footage has emerged indicating that Cristiano Ronaldo may have snubbed the offer of swapping shirts following Portugal’s 3-3 draw with Israel in a recent World Cup qualifier – though the reasons behind this potential snub remain unclear.
On the one hand, Ronaldo may have been left frustrated by the result itself which has seen Portugal lose further ground on group leaders Russia.
Alternatively, some pro Palestinian websties are claiming that the action is an indication of his support for their cause. Ronaldo has been vocal in his criticism of Israel’s behaviour in the past.
Watch the clip below and judge for yourself.
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