Our goal

In 2010 we had an idea: to create the ultimate football knowledge base, a brilliant, authoritative website that answers every conceivable question fans around the world might want to ask about the world’s greatest game. We also wanted to make it a sociable place, somewhere that any football fan could turn to when they want to ask a question or share an answer or opinion – and also where people within the game can speak with authority.

And so it was that our talented team started building socqer.com.

As you will see the site is currently in ‘beta’, but over time, and with your help, we aim to grow – and grow. Our hope is that, in time, socqer.com will become a vast knowledge base that will serve everyone who loves football.

Who can contribute?

In a word: everyone. Our goal is to bring together a diverse community of people from all corners of the globe, a social network that is united in its shared passion for the world’s greatest game. So, whether you are an ordinary fan, a player, manager official or journalist within the game, socqer.com is a place where you can get your voice heard.

How can I benefit from being a contributor?

Because we aim to attract members from all corners of the footballing world, socqer.com is going to be a great place to establish yourself as an authority on a footballing subject. If you know a lot about Bolton or Botafogo, Barcelona or Bari, your knowledge will get noticed here. (You never know who’s reading!)

Visitors to our site are able to rate your answers and comment so we will also be ranking those who prove themselves to be the most popular and trusted authorities in our unique league tables. You can also use your personal profile page to promote yourself and your own website (provided of course, you follow our spam rules).

If your a current or ex-player, a coach or a figure within the game, it’s also the place for you. It’s somewhere where you can set the record straight, provide the definitive biography of yourself and what’s going on in your career, or simply have fun sharing your own opinions and experiences of the game. If you see a question relating to you, we’d love you to chip in your answer. (We can even help you write and improve it, if you don’t feel confident writing.) We promise, you’ll win a lot of friends by doing so.


Contacting Us

Got any questions that aren’t answered on our FAQs page? Want to talk to us about advertising or striking up a business relationship with socqer.com?


What is socqer.com’s goal?

Our long-term goal is to create the web’s best football knowledge base, a place where all football lovers come when they need information – whether it’s how Kun Aguero got his nickhame or what was Pele’s biggest phobia, who scored the most goals in the English Premiership in 2009 or get an exact definition of the offside law? We also want to build a community, a meeting place where football fans from around the world can come together and share their knowledge and opinions. In short, we want socqer.com to become THE destination for football information.

Do you edit or censor questions and answers?

Our aim is to let the socqer.com community express itself freely. But, inevitably, there will be times when people express views or make comments that aren’t appropriate or are offensive or breach laws in some way. Because we want this to be a site that survives and thrives for a long time, we therefore have to exercise some editorial control. We’ll always do it with a light touch and we’ll always do our best to explain why we’ve made changes. We hope, however, that’s not going to happen too often. To help make sure that’s the case we’ve written some editorial guidelines which you can study.

Do I have to use my real identity?

We believe that socqer.com will be a much more trusted and respected – and therefore popular – site if people contribute using their real names and identities. We want people to be honest and entertaining, but also to have the courage of their convictions. By revealing your true identity, you are also going to create a real authority for yourself. And, as the site develops, we intend to reward those whose authority is reflected in their rankings. We want to be proud of our members – and we want to make them proud of their contributions here. How you manage this is up to you, of course. This is why we give the option of linking to your facebook or twitter identities. We also protect all your personal data as we explain in our sections on Privacy. Of course, we understand that there may be circumstances which dictate you have to be careful about displaying your identity. Ultimately, as we say, it’s your decision. And we respect that decision at all times.