Where and when was Eliseu born and who does he play for?
Oct 09, 2011 | 01 : 14 AM
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Being an Azorean myself, I can help answer this question. For more information about his international level

Kevin de Ávila
You are so much welcome, Garry; I felt it was best to share this knowledge after his amazing display with Portugal against Iceland, despite Iceland had caused Portugal many nerves throughout the entire second half. The funny thing about me sharing this knowledge is that I was planning on sharing it before his début starting XI with Portugal; I decided to wait after the game because of sensing him making an amazing display for Portugal and making an assist and a goal. What I sensed end up happening, but he e
Garry Jenkins
Kevin, this is a truly brilliant answer. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. This is what socqer is all about.
2011-10-09 01:15:54
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