Does Andres Iniesta have a nickname?

Hans Amsel:

Iniesta has a number of nicknames. The Spanish Press often refer to him as Don Andres while some call him El Ilusionista (The Illusionist) because of his ability and willingness to play in any position on the pitch.

Others call him El Cerebro (The Brain) because of his exceptional footballing intelligence. In a dig at Real Madrid’s infamous Galacticos, the down-to-earth Iniesta has also been dubbed El Anti-Galactico.

Iniesta’s palid complexion has also earned him the sobriquet El Caballero Palido (The Pale Knight).

Simon Harris:

Iniesta has recently received a new nickname from Crackovia, the football skit programme on Catalan TV. They taken his name Iniesta (Y ni esta) and translated it into Catalan ‘I tan sols aquesta’. The translation into English ‘Not even that one’ doesn’t make any sense but it’s very funny in Catalan!

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Why do Espanyol fans love Andres Iniesta even though he has never played for the club?

Simon Harris:
In August 2009, Dani Jarque – the Espanyol captain – died of a heart attack after a pre-season game in Italy aged only 26. He had come through Spain youth ranks with a lot of Barcelona players but was particularly close friends with Andrés Iniesta.

Almost a year later, when Iniesta scored Spain’s winning goal in the World Cup Final, he celebrated by showing a shirt on which was writtem “Dani Jarque siempre con nosotros” (“Dani Jarque, always with us”)

On January 18 2012, a statue of Dani Jarque was unveiled at Gate 21 (Jarque’s shirt number) and Iniesta was the only person apart from family and Espanyol representatives invited. He was unable to attend because of Barça’s Copa del Rey first leg against Madrid in the Bernabéu but his parents and partner went in his absence.

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